From its conception, the vision had to focus on this issue as a primary and essential one.

Parents - Children

It is our opinion that the only ones who stop learning are those who stop loving life.

Lifelong learning

When the combination of the four pillars “Tradition, Culture, Environment and Personal Development” are applied, they lead to Autonomy.

Sustainability - Viability

While we are only 130 km from Athens and 12 km from the nearest urban web (the city of Argos), at Hopeland you are immediately found in virgin nature.




        Vegetable Gardens

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Since we are facing a great difficulty with our water supply as we are in an area that the aquifer is at a depth of 300m, we could not boast of great vegetable gardens. We are trying to have few natural seasonal species without always great success. The weather in the area, our poor clayey soil and our little water often trouble us. But we do not abandon our efforts.





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