From its conception, the vision had to focus on this issue as a primary and essential one.

Parents - Children

It is our opinion that the only ones who stop learning are those who stop loving life.

Lifelong learning

When the combination of the four pillars “Tradition, Culture, Environment and Personal Development” are applied, they lead to Autonomy.

Sustainability - Viability

While we are only 130 km from Athens and 12 km from the nearest urban web (the city of Argos), at Hopeland you are immediately found in virgin nature.




       Lifelong learning 

dia bioy mathisi mikri

It is our opinion that the only ones who stop learning are those who stop loving life. Life on its own is an experimental form of learning. One finds significance in maintaining a relationship with knowledge. Nature provides great opportunities for that. Tradition, the Environment, Culture and Personal Development are all pillars which contain lifelong learning in many ways. We have chosen some of them:




        Erasmus + 

erasmus logoErasmus+ is a European Commission program which facilitates learning and expertise for European youth, as well as sport and all other activities that help young people develop important skills. It couldn’t be excluded from our project, since it concerns young people and alternative ways of learning. Since 2018, Hopeland is an active host for Erasmus+, cooperating with other partners from different European countries. It is an honour and a pleasure for us. Two of Hopeland’s own projects have been approved, focusing on the mobility of European youth, both to be completed this year.


      World School Project

logo World School Project

Since September 2017, Hopeland has been hosting this bold venture aimed at educating teenagers from around the world completely informally. This program involves people who do not attend formal education in countries in the world that have this legal framework. We hosted the project, having planned with its inspirer the 9 days of the teenagers' stay at our facilities, and organized educational visits to Mycenae, Epidauros and Nemea.


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