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Being open to new ideas and partnerships and honoring our values of unity and respect for diversity, Hopeland welcomes all cooperation which will create synergies and mutual support with the local community and wider society. The aim is not to turn Hopeland into a model of sustainability which will operate independently from the rest of society but rather one which will keep evolving and building “bridges” and partnerships contributing to its vision and the common good and will promote our times’ goal: transitioning from “I” to “We”.

We are very interested in cooperating with the multitude of similar projects that exist all over Greece. We have already taken steps in that direction, by strengthening our bond and exchanging ideas with these projects. Going beyond this message, we consider it our duty to declare our warmest gratitude to all those who trust us and honor us with their help and volunteer work. Special thanks go to:

Vassilis Tsolakidis, our architect

Maria Kyrilaki, our accountant



American Farming School and Hopeland

An independent, nonprofit education institution founded in 1904, the American Farm School is a center for teaching and research excellence in sustainable agriculture, the environment and other
life sciences. Our partnership aims at exploring and making use of synergies in the areas of education and sustainability. 



 Home Furniture and Decoration



Ela Super Market







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