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The living conditions are very special and unique. Our friendly, made from straw bale and wood, space which seems to breathe with the habitue , could be classified as a shelter and offered for collective living. It has been made with inspiration, love and voluntary work, to meet the needs of Hopeland. It is not a hostel and it doesn’t get rent out to individual visitors. It can accommodate a group of 10 -20 people, who love nature and want a collective work and lifestyle. A two-story open area with double bunks with mattresses and pillows is available for the most quite sleep ever. You need to bring your own sleeping bag or sheets, blankets and pillowcases. Additional guests can sleep in tents, if the weather permits and the company wishes. Our yurt (a traditional type of home built by Mongolian nomads), can also be available if there are no seminars or other activities taking place.

There is a small production of vegetables and eggs, depending on the season, and supplies from local producers is very easy. There is a large and very well equipped kitchen available to anyone who wishes to use it! We can also prepare meals, if you wish, but we will need to be notified ahead of time.

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They said about us

"Hopeland is ideal for seminars and workshops. Having stayed in several hotels and farms in Greece and elsewhere, I was not sure what I would find before I got there. My experience there can be described with words such as peace, serenity, beauty, nature, and closeness to the earth by living a more natural lifestyle. We missed planting winter vegetables and we got there too early in the year for olive picking, which we hope we will be able to do next time among the other interesting activities organized in this beautiful place.” MarieSodrlund, USA

“Hopeland, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the unique experience here. I found people with open hearts and arms. I found that I belong in Greece and this, I owe to you.” Daniel (age 24 Greek born in America, makes his first steps in the installation effort back to his roots)

“This place is something very special. My soul felt like it got a nice rest from the moment I arrived. Hopeland gave me inner peace and healing.” Jen (from Scotland)

“My stay at Hopeland is really Hopeful for me. I feel grateful for having experienced this community life, for all the knowledge we gained here. This magical place, in combination with the wonderful people and their purity of vision, allowed me to grow stronger, find new ways to inner peace and helped me believe that I can follow my dreams with passion.” Constantina (Participant of Permaculture Design Course in June 2014)






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