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  Where and how...

Hospitality is for us the basic pillar of our actions.  There are several reasons why someone should visit Elpidohori. 

  • For purely educational reasons.
  • For attending a workshop-seminar that we or our partners organize.  
  • For organizing their own event.
  • For a walk in nature with a corresponding group.  
  • For cycling in nature by participating in a guided tour. 
  • For volunteering by living there and offering work. 
  • For vacation.


   For purely educational reasons.

Development and our way of function in Elpidohori is based on the intention to utilize with the most effective way whatever nature generously provides, while not burdening the environment.  We desire to make that happen in practice with ways that promote natural living. 

Our goal is to be an example of autonomy and sustainability and we are happy to share what we achieve with groups that either desire to do something similar or just want to observe something relevant being implemented :

Natural structure

Bioclimatic buildings with natural building materials.  Having selected the straw, wood and clay as the basic materials for the construction of housing, the power consumption and hence the energy/ecological footprint is minimized concerning the production of such materials and their use for the construction of buildings.  Correct positioning of housing in conjunction with the appropriate plants in the proper position achieves one of the bioclimatic principles for creating a microclimate that reduces energy consumption for heating or cooling of the interior. We are only at the beginning but you will have the chance to see many and varied natural building techniques.


Natural-Biological-Biodynamic farming-Permaculture-Active microorganisms.

We are convinced that the only way to safeguard environmental protection is changing our own behavior, so we chose a different culture instead of conventional monocultures.  The method according to which nature chooses where to allow growth finds us totally agreed.  A natural culture farm makes us hopeful of a change in the conditions of the ecosystem in a short time.  The pioneer of the process from Japan, Masanobu Fukuoka, and his student and continuer and teacher to us, Panagiotis Manikis, have convinced us of the appropriateness of this method.  The combination of the method with that of Permaculture and valuable advice of our argonomist Marios Desillas, who guides us in the application of organic and biodynamic techniques, along with the extensive use of our active microorganisms make us believe that soon we will have an exemplary farm.  

                                                                                                                                                              Collection and utilization of water. 

The county of Argolis, in which Elpidohori is located, faces serious water shortages either due to over-pumping or due to poor management of existing resources.  These are the main reasons that along with our highly increased environmental awareness make us strive to become a practical example of how even in such circumstances water abundance is possible.  Collection of rainwater, which usually is abundant and torrential (both from rooftops and with natural pools), the conformation of the ground for guiding and better utilization of water in the cultures, recovery and reuse of the so-called grey water (shower, washbasins) are some of the methods we have adopted since the beginning of our journey.  A long term but significant goal is to create a lake.  All these efforts set the ground for the creation of a microclimate that in the future will bring more balance to the landscape.

Usage of renewable energy.

In order to minimize the pollutants and really utilize what nature generously provides us, it is necessary and appropriate to take advantage of all relevant sources. The sun is our main source for now. We hope that in the future we will exploit air also.

                                                                                                                                                                                     Waste minimization.

Beyond usual packaging recycling processes (plastic, glass, paper) and creative reuse of materials after their basic use, organic materials follow the method of compost which not only minimizes waste but also creates first quality natural fertilizer for crops. Our goal is to reuse olive branches with biochar method (creation of coal is an excellent soil enrichment method)..



Pure organic food.

Crops without the usage of chemical fertilizers but with the use of natural methods allow us to produce pure natural food.



   For attending a workshop-seminar.

We, or our partners, often organize workshops-seminars-cultural events. More information about these can be found in the section Activities.  Our seminars cover many topics on the triptych mind-soul-body to spread applied and / or traditional knowledge that is necessary and consistent with today's needs.  Knowledge can involve natural building issues (building a bioclimatic house) or issues on applied philosophy, psychology or other workshops such as natural culture labs or Permaculture and everything that serves the creation of favorable conditions for the emotional, mental and spiritual development of humans.

We desire to give priority to children. We want to give the opportunity to families to coexist in a form that tends to disappear. Dealing with specific groups of children with special needs such as autism, down syndrome etc, touches us deeply.

   For organizing your own event

If you want to organize your own event  for one day or a few days in nature and  you are a group of 15-20 people with a common goal and program,  we will be more than happy to help you. There are a lot of possibilities and various combinations. Give us a call, to discuss the numerous options.

   For a walk in nature

Our shelter is an excellent destination for those who wish to walk in nature. Apart from man made paths that one can try in the mild climate of southern Greece, a marked hiking trail of 15 km starts from the central square of Elpidohori and through vineyards and olive groves ,within 3.5 hours of comfortable walk, reaches the archaeological site of Mycenae. The return can be done either on foot or by car on request.



  For cycling in nature

Excellent routes to local dirt roads can offer a wide variety to cyclists of all abilities. Simple, easy and exceptionally demanding routes are waiting to be discovered by you.





  For volunteering   

We often need more hands to meet the needs of a large estate. Whoever wants to stay with us and help us while learning is welcome.  You will be able to participate in activities, gain knowledge in rural and other works, experience collective living at the shelter, participate in teamwork and enjoy our healthy vegetarian diet.

  For vacation

If you are a company that wants to live for a while in nature without luxuries, seeking a truly different kind of experience, we are at your disposal. We can recommend many and different ideas.

We are very happy to organize with you a variety of activities related to nature, self-awareness, alternative treatments, seminars and visits to dozens of special archaeological and tourist destinations near us.

For example:

Epidaurus, Mycenae,  Nafplio,  Corinth,  Nemea,  Argos







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