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There are moments when the inner voice is heard, and when this happens, you cannot pretend that you don’t hear it. The idea of Hopeland was conceived by a woman who, having worked as a Family Consultant with Greek families, saw firsthand how often they become dysfunctional, how education does not inspire love for learning and how society perpetuates unhealthy examples of life. Looking for solutions,  the  idea of ​​creating this space started to arise . The initial impetus came from the need to provide families with a way of life that is different to typical conventions and education in urban environments.

We are envisioning a space where at least during the summer months, parents and children from different countries live together, work together and create together by harvesting the land, nourishing the mind, feeding soul and body with joy and creativity, mutual respect and equality.  A key element of our philosophy is the dedication to learning the importance of a social cause, of encouraging experience while evolving as a unit and as a group, thus serving as catalysts for the improvement of our wider society. Families with children with disabilities (autism, down syndrome) really move and interest us. 

Hosting various groups who want to live together for some time in nature, who want to exercise, work or be educated in some way is also part of our philosophy. Personal development seems to go perfectly with our space, which is an organic-biodynamic piece of land. This space is aimed at helping people to revive forgotten memories, to live in constructions made of natural materials, to eat natural foods, to exercise with alternative and conventional ways. This way, inhabitants can nourish mind and body. Protecting the nature, living simply and naturally, far from the materialistic obsession that characterizes our societies can a lot of times lead to feelings of true freedom.


We believe that certain causes are worthwhile:

  • Preserving or using what nature so selflessly provides, without intervening too much.
  • Producing our own food from traditional seeds with traditional cropping methods and natural intervention when production problems arise (plant illnesses, natural disasters, etc.)
  • Taking action when it comes to knowledge, harmonious relationships, mental health, well-being, balance and harmony of body and soul.
  • Respecting and learning the story of our land.
  • Keeping cooperation and mutual understanding and respect as an objective.

All of these and many more thoughts are being implemented every day at Hopeland, or are objectives for the near or far future.  

When taking a tour around our webpage you might come across the potential and limited possibilities. Please join our vision and share your thoughts on our Facebook page.







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