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Money is really a “thank you” printed on paper. It is necessary in order to progress with the implementation of the project which till now has been supported by private funds. Whether in the form of money or as a donation of goods and/or services, your help will be greatly appreciated and be essential to support the fulfillment of this project that Greece.

Each donation is made to Hopeland, which operates as a not-for-profit.

Here are some of the projects that require resources:

  • Soil and water management and use optimization.
  • Construction of our next energy-efficient building which will be our Community center.

We wish to apply new structures of economic transactions -  your donation can also take the form of an exchange or service. Thank you for your contribution. Even the smallest help is of the highest value. 


Expression of Interest  


  • Click on the "Donate" button and support Hopeland

    by donating the amount you desire.

    Alternatively, fill in the form to the right,

    to express what kind of service you would like to offer.

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